Free editors for OS X

These are free editors for OS X. You can probably find more you cant working, I choose the ones I find worth the trouble installing. But feel free to give me tips on others.

  • jEdit

    An editor that runs on Java, and should be usable on all platforms.

  • TextWrangler by BareBones


    From BareBone, who makes the editor BBEdit, you can get this free version – TextWrangler.

  • From Active State, who also creates Komodo IDE

    Komodo Edit

    Komodo Edit is the editor from Active State, who also produces the Komodo IDE.

  • Free opensource texteditor for OS X


    A great free texteditor for OS X. Unfortunately it’s not developed at the moment.

  • An Aqua version of Emacs


    This version of the famous Unix-editor Emacs has been adapted to Aqua.

  • Vim version for Mac


    Mac version of Vim. Vim is highly configurable editor but it takes some learning.

  • Kompozer, WYSIWYG and code for Win, Mac, LInux.


    Kompozer is WYSIWYG but has codeview capability. Nice for creating simple HTML/CSS pages.

  • Eclipse IDE


    Eclipse is an IDE, but have great editors included. I prefer the PDT version (PHP Development Tools). It a java application, so you can use it on most platforms.

Editors for purchase

You might also want to have a look at these non-free editors for OS X – many of them quite cheep:

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